Overcoming "You Can't" - Advice from Chuck E. Cheese Founder, Dr. Gene Landrum

Dr. Gene Landrum, Ph.D. – Creator, Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant Concept

Recalling when Chuck E. Cheese was just five stores, Gene recounts a meeting where the head of a major hotel chain told him that rats delivering food would never work.

Dr. Landrum created the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant concept and serves on the MBA Advisory Board at CTU. Gene contributed on the program's entrepreneurship concentration.

"When I was president of Chuck E. Cheese, I had five stores open. And Bushnell and I, who was an engineer and I’m a marketing guy, we wanted to optimize the rollout in proliferation of the Chuck E. Cheese all over the United States. And so we met a major hotel chain that had 1600 units all over the United States. And I’m with the CEO and asking, “What do you think? What do you think of my concept?” And he ponders for a minute and he said, “You know what Gene? We spend a lot of energy and time and money killing rats in our restaurants, and here you are having a rat character deliver food products to a party. You can’t do that dude!” And I looked at him and said, “You know what? I didn’t know I couldn’t, and I did, and we’re doing three times the revenue stream of the average pizza store in the United States. Good thing I didn’t know, huh? And I’m going to keep on doing it.”"