Doing What You Shouldn't Do - Advice from Chuck E. Cheese Founder, Dr. Gene Landrum

Dr. Gene Landrum, Ph.D. – Creator, Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant Concept

I wanted to be a manager when I was very young in my 20s. And they gave me the state of West Virginia for a high-tech computer company. And I took the state, my friends called me and said “Are you nuts? What are you doing? West Virginia? For this company they have not made quota in 30 years. What are you doing, Gene?” And I took the job because I wanted to do my own thing. True story. And you know what? The first year I made quota. The next year I was top of the United States, then the third year I ended up in Silicon Valley as a superstar. Sometimes go where you shouldn’t go, do what you shouldn’t do, and you’ll be shocked at what happens.