The Not-so-Straight Path to Success

Dr. Emad Rahim – CTU Business Alum and Real-World Faculty Member

My life has been a rollercoaster, you know, from beginning to end. I survived the killing fields in Cambodia. I landed right dead-smack in Brooklyn in the 80s. And you know how dangerous it was in Brooklyn in the 80s. I went to school in that type of environment; coming straight from surviving a genocide to being put into a type of a new war zone in Brooklyn, New York. And then eventually I end up in upstate New York in Syracuse. It was still a struggle and we were not well off. I was trying to finish high school while also taking care of my siblings. I graduated high school. I had a young family, I had a child, I had a wife, and I had multiple jobs. I did everything from delivering pizza, working fast food, to being a security guard. Going to school traditionally was not an option for me – I just didn’t have time to do it. All of a sudden I see these commercials that had to do with online education that had to do with non-traditional education. I started learning about what type of environments that I do best in; that I excel in. Online and hybrid was the best option for me. Once I had the opportunity to gradate and actually feel that accomplishment and experience what higher education could be and what it could offer me was like an addiction. I wanted new skills; I wanted new opportunities. I did my bachelor’s. Once I got my second master’s, I said, you know what, “why not a doctorate? Why not?” My heart was in academics by that time. I wanted to offer something back in regards to non-traditional students. I wanted to be able to offer that same experience, that same type of education that was afforded to me when I was a student. I’m in because I want to give back. I am in because I have the opportunity to improve the quality of life for my students. That’s why I’m in.