It’s a Juggle But it’s Possible


Elizabeth Melvin – Faculty Development Facilitator and Assistant Professor

Well, I originally came to CTU in 2004. I was working with the prior learning assessment department. Working with students to evaluate their learning experiences before coming to the university. Over time I became more and more interested in kind of that academic discussion. I began to think about how I could be effective as an educator and how I could help them in the classroom. So I went and got my master of education and became an instructor for the university. I’ve been teaching with CTU since 2009. What motivates me is the student’s stories. I teach courses that are very early on in the associates program, so I’m working with a lot of students who are just coming back to school maybe for the first time in decades. We get into a lot of conversations about their previous experience, why they’ve come back to school, and what’s challenging for them. You have to figure out how to get them to where they need to be by the end of the class so they can be successful in the overall program. When I was a student pursuing my own education for my master’s degree, I was pregnant with my daughter. So not only did I already have a son, I was pregnant. And so I was trying to balance both being a mom and working, as well as going to school. So that’s something that as a faculty member I try to bring to every classroom. Is just remembering that a student who seems frustrated or lost they probably have an entire world happening outside of the classroom. And so I really try to keep that in mind to guide them back to where they need to be and kind of help them along their path. I’m in because I support students and faculty.