Drawing Out Student Veterans

Cyrell Johnson – President, Student Veterans Organization

Retired U.S. Army Sgt. Cyrell Johnson explains why he founded the Student Veterans Organization at Colorado Technical University. A CTU alumni and current student, Sgt. Johnson earned his bachelor's degree and is now working on a Master's degree. This student military organization helps give veterans support while adjusting to academic and civilian life. Learn more at:

"My name is Cyrell Johnson, I’m the president of the Student Veteran’s Organization here at Colorado Technical University. At CTU I earned my Bachelor’s degree and I’m currently working on my Master’s degree. Leaving the military can be quite scary and intimidating. The student veteran’s organization – what we do is we help those military veterans draw on their own experience and strengths that they already have from the military and apply that to a civilian world. I started the Student Veteran’s Organization at Colorado Technical University because I saw a need. I knew that there were other veterans out there like myself that needed to know how to navigate not only college life, but civilian life in general. Currently, one third of our student body consists of active duty military, reserves, guards, family members of veterans. I think it’s very important that they understand that there are other veterans like them at CTU that are going through the similar situation. Don’t let your pride get in the way or be afraid of asking for help because there’s many a resources out there for you. We provide military veterans with the resources, the support, and advocacy needed in order for them to succeed in higher education and after graduation. We also host a monthly breakfast called “breakfast of champions.” It’s a place where they can express their concerns or their needs in an informal fashion. If you’re interested in finding out more information about the CTU Student Veteran’s Organization, you can visit us online at I’m Cyrell Johnson, I’m an Army veteran, and I’m president of the Student Veteran’s Organization, and I’m in."