Balancing Life and Learning


Our faculty and academic administrators understand that students have demanding lives outside the classroom. From working parents to active duty military stationed overseas, we're bringing education to students where they are. Our program structure and technology make it possible to balance the demands of work, family, and personal life; and student support services are available if unexpected challenges arise, too.

Richard Holloway, J.D. – Program Director, Criminal Justice

What really inspires me about our students is that they’re dealing with so much. They have so much going on in their lives, but they still want to focus on their career path.

Dr. Emad Rahim – CTU Business Alum and Real-World Faculty Member

It’s a goal that is definitely realistic for them regardless of their economic background, regardless of their their experience, regardless of of their family situation.

Richard Holloway, J.D. – Program Director, Criminal Justice

CTU does a lot to help students who have a lot of things going on. We have an incredible amount of support services in place for our students, to help students figure out how to juggle all of these things. How to handle their life, how to handle work, how to handle school.

Elizabeth Melvin – Faculty Development Facilitator and Assistant Professor

When I was a student pursuing my own education for my master’s degree, I was pregnant with my daughter. So not only did I already have a son, I was pregnant. And so I was trying to balance both being a mom and working, as well as going to school. So that’s something that as a faculty member I try to bring to every classroom is just remembering that a student who seems frustrated or lost they probably have an entire world happening outside of the classroom. And so I really try to keep that in mind to guide them back to where they need to be and kind of help them along their path.

Dr. Gail Whitaker - University Dean, Business and Management

The approach I use in the classroom is one of teaching the students where they are. I make sure that every student – no matter where their strengths, or where their weaknesses, or what they’re challenged in – I make sure the classroom meet those needs. I meet every student where they are and I bring them up.

Richard Holloway, J.D. – Program Director, Criminal Justice

So that at the end, you can effectively manage your time, effectively manage all of your responsibilities, and still move forward towards your goal.