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The Insider’s Guide to LinkedIn with John Hill

LinkedIn’s Higher Education Evangelist John Hill offers professional networking tips to CTU graduates.

Tips For Entrepreneurs

University Dean of Business & Management, Dr. Emad Rahim, offers tips and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

How to “Lead from the Heart” with Mark Crowley

“Lead from the Heart” author Mark Crowley shares additional leadership insights with CTU graduates.

Accreditation: One More Reason You Can Count on a Quality Education at CTU

Last October, CTU received its reaffirmation of accreditation, continuing its promise to deliver quality education to career-motivated students.

Why You Should Care About Accreditation

Not all universities are the same, and one differentiating factor is accreditation. Understand what it is and how it affects you.

Active Shooters – The Quiet Threat That Dwells in Your Backyard

Active Shooters – The Quiet Threat That Dwells in Your Backyard Forget terrorism. Today’s biggest threat to homeland security is mentally unstable, completely unpredictable and in our own backyard. Meet the active shooter.

Professional Networking for Introverts (Or People Who Just Don’t Feel Like Doing It)

Professional networking can be tough, especially for people who are drained by too much interaction with others. Here’s how to get it done anyway.

Career Insights with Bruce Harmon: How My Career Path Became a Winding Road

Sometimes the career you planned for isn’t the career you end up in. Read how Dr. Bruce Harmon leveraged opportunities in his career.

How Perseverance Led to Success: A Conversation with Margaret Spellings, former Secretary of Education

Learn how perseverance, shiny shoes and secret sauce led Former Secretary of Education, Margaret Spellings, to career success.

Professional Networking: 3 Steps to Revive Dormant Contacts

If you’ve neglected your professional network, don’t panic. Here are three simple steps to revive your dormant connections.

Gloria Hess Advises Sioux Falls Graduates on Importance of Digital Identity

CTU’s Vice President of Career Services, Gloria Hess, shares with Sioux Falls graduates the importance of a digital identity to achieve career success.

Develop a Digital Identity to Grow a Successful Career

CTU’s VP of Career Services, Gloria Hess, addressed CTU Sioux Falls graduates recently, advising them on importance of building their digital identities.

The CSI Effect: Exposing Myths of Fictional Criminal Justice Careers

If you love crime shows and want to pursue a career in Criminal Justice, it may be time for a reality check.

Remove Obstacles to Leverage Your Professional Network

Professional networking can make a positive difference in your career success, but these two obstacles stop many from realizing that success.

The 4 Reasons Why Superman Didn’t Get the Job

Think you’re the perfect job candidate? Think again. Even superheroes have to change their job-hunting approach.