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Expert Representation on CTU's Advisory Boards

CTU’s advisory board serves to manage the checks and balances of the university. That goes for expert representation for its curriculum too.

Passion and Engagement Characterize CTU Faculty

University students want an experience that inspires them beyond the classroom. See the passion and engagement that CTU faculty bring to the table.

Nontraditional Education: The New Tradition

Whether you’re juggling a career, family priorities or military life, at CTU you can pursue a quality education that fits into your life.

A Passion for Education

Chief Academic Officer and Provost Connie Johnson, Ed.D., speaks about her lifetime dream of furthering her education, then working in the field.

Learning Customized to fit the way you Learn

CTU’s courses are customized to your learning preferences, so that you get just the content you need. With adaptive learning, you’re at an advantage.

Discover the Advantages of an Online Education

Technology-driven classrooms that make learning fit your schedule – discover for yourself the advantages on online education at CTU.

Gain a Global Education Anywhere

Benefit from a global network of faculty and students through CTU’s innovative online learning platform.

An Innovative Learning Approach to Solving Problems

What happens when professional faculty bring existing issues into the classroom? CTU students develop real solutions by learning from real problems.

Real Life Inside the Classroom

Can real-world learning take place inside the classroom? Step into CTU’s programs, where the professional learning model brings the real world to you.

Balancing Life and Learning

At CTU, we know there is more to life than earning a degree. That’s why our programs are structured to meet students where they are.

My Worst Meeting Moment from CTU Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Connie Johnson

Unprepared and anxious –these are often familiar feelings during meetings. A CTU education confidently prepares you for life’s important meetings.

What Thought Leaders Never Stop Doing

A thought leader is one whose expertise is authoritative in his respective field. See why CTU’s reach and influence fall in the same category.

Why You Don’t Have to Be a Great Test Taker

An average grade earner in high school, Tonya found her dream come true excelling in college writing. She found confidence through higher education.

Not Just Instructors. Real World Gladiators.

At CTU, we believe in providing an education that meets real-world challenges, which is why we don’t just hire instructors. We hire real world gladiators.

An Education that Keeps Pace with the Real World

At CTU, we constantly assess our curriculum against real-world business needs to ensure students gain relevant, practical knowledge they can use.