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CTU Story: Timothy G.

Our adaptive learning technology provides one-on-one tailored instruction for the needs of each student at that moment in time. It is as if every instructor has a class of one.

CTU Story: Enjolique W.

I'M IN AND NOW I pave the way for those who seek progress, but don't know what route to take to begin their journey.

CTU Story: Tom C.

I'M IN AND NOW with each degree I receive from CTU, I achieve a promotion to the next level within my field.

CTU Story: Latonya G.

I'M IN AND NOW I inspire my children to better their lives through education.

CTU Story: Jeremy B.

I'M IN AND NOW I'm able to pursue opportunities to do what I love, Information Technology, while taking care of my family.

CTU Story: Nicole C.

I'M IN AND NOW I'm helping students visualize their dreams!

CTU Story: Darlene D.

I'M IN AND NOW I will be able to decrease the financial bondage in my life that has caused a lifetime of high stress and serious health deterioration.