Tom C.

CTU Alumni, Student - Tom C.

Alumni, student

JOB TITLE: Security

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Information Systems Security - 2010

DEGREE: Master of Science in Management - Network Security - 2011

DEGREE: Master of Science in Information Technology - Security - In Progress


I'M IN AND NOW with each degree I receive from CTU, I achieve a promotion to the next level within my field.

Describe your educational and professional background.

When I first began with CTU, I was an on-site support technician only with certifications. After earning my first degree, a position was created for me in the Security Department. After earning my Master's degree, I was made team member of the Incident Response Team and became a lead member. Now, while pursuing my second Master's degree, I was recently promoted into the Disaster Recovery section of the company I am contracted with. I look forward to seeing where my doctoral degree will take me!

How has CTU been a part of your educational or professional journey?

I received a Bachelor's degree in Science Information Technology with concentration in Information Systems Security from CTU in 2010. Then in 2011, using Master's Advantage, I obtained a Masters degree in Management with concentration in Network Security. In 2012, I began pursuing CTU's Masters degree in Information Technology with a Security Management concentration, I am graduating on September 25, 2013. I was recently accepted into the Doctoral Advantage program, which saves me time and money, and WILL graduate with a Doctoral degree in 2016. I have already used knowledge obtained from the Doctoral Symposium to save my company money and I am being placed in a new position. I am now to test and review the tools my company is seeking to use to automate Disaster Recovery. This is completely due to the knowledge gained in CTU, which allowed me to obtain experience in my workplace, for each position previously engaged in.

How does higher education help individuals work toward their professional goals?

Without college, life was a struggle. I started late, but life has been wonderful since obtaining the degrees I have from CTU. I've learned that the more you know, the greater confidence you will have. This confidence translates into the belief that you are worth a certain level of respect and pay. People respond positively to this confidence.

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