Ryan M.

CTU Student - Ryan M.


JOB TITLE: IT Support Engineer

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Network Management -

STATEMENT: I'M IN AND NOW I've been able to see exactly what I am capable of doing educationally and professionally.

Describe your educational aspirations.

It was my goal to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Network Management and I am almost done--I have a little over a year to go. Now that I am on the tail-end of my BS I started to look at what else I could do; I intend on going for a Masters in Information Technology or an MBA concentrating in Technology Management. Fifteen years ago I never would have dreamed I could or would be doing this now.

What goal(s) would you like higher education help you attain?

Ultimately, my education means job security and stability; the ability to provide for my family. I recently started a new job working for Wayfair, in part due to the education I have received. Without the knowledge and experience gained at CTU, I would not have been offered this role; I have the opportunity to practice what I have learned in college at my new job. In the end, the simple fact that I am in college and my children see me doing homework all the time is enough for me. They can see how important it is through my example and as a result they will continue onward to college and more.

How do you envision your life being different after earning your degree?

I imagine life will be the same once I get my degree, with the exception that I can say I did what some of my elementary and high school teachers said I could never accomplish.

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