Jeremy B.

CTU Alumni - Jeremy B.


EMPLOYER: East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind
JOB TITLE: Network Administrator

DEGREE: Master of Science in Information Technology - 2013

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - 2011

DEGREE: Associate of Science in Information Technology - 2008


I'M IN AND NOW I'm able to pursue opportunities to do what I love, Information Technology, while taking care of my family.

Describe your educational and professional background.

When I graduated with my Associate's degree from my community college, I tried to find a job in IT, but everybody wanted a Bachelor's degree. I tried to go to school at a conventional university, but that conflicted with my job at the time. So, I knew I needed to go online to complete my education, and Colorado Technical University has allowed me to receive my Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

How has CTU been a part of your educational or professional journey?

Colorado Technical University has been a critical portion of my education. Without CTU, I would not have been able to receive my Bachelor's or Master's degrees. They provided me with an education that prepares me for the industry I want to work in, work with others on scenario projects, and help me find the job that I want. Now, I am a Network Administrator for a non-profit organization called East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind in Tyler, Texas.

How does higher education help individuals work toward their professional goals?

Higher education allows professionals to attain higher goals that normal experience would just not allow. Without an education, it would normally take me years, if ever, to finally attain the job that I am qualified for now because of my education.

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