Darlene D.

CTU Student - Darlene D.



I'M IN AND NOW I will be able to decrease the financial bondage in my life that has caused a lifetime of high stress and serious health deterioration.

Describe your educational aspirations.

I was an excellent student growing up just outside of Boston, and earned a scholarship into Boston University. I started college the summer just out of high school, but shortly after graduation my family decided to move to a small town in Southwest Florida. We all had to work, and without skills I didn't earn enough to pay for college, so I never returned. I am now enrolled in CTU 35+ years later to obtain my dream of a college degree! In my first year at CTU, I've earned a 4.0 GPA. I will continue to be all I can be to FINALLY get a college degree and then a satisfying job with a good healthcare plan.

What goal(s) would you like higher education help you attain?

CTU has the latest technologies to use for my studies. They make classes simple to understand with step-by-step printed classroom instructions and abundant online resources for research. I am learning what technological training employers are looking for today. I am also learning how to apply learned lessons in real life situations. My goals are to be free of financial bondage from a lack of a higher education, and to be employed at a company with a position that will be satisfying and rewarding. I know my goals and career aspirations will definitely be met by my training at CTU.

How do you envision your life being different after earning your degree?

The world as we knew it pre-2008 economic meltdown will never be the same for working people. Lost jobs will never be replaced, as companies have learned to work with less (people), as well as improved technology, causing downsizing. A college degree offers the professional training today's employers are looking for. Higher education will offer me an advantage over another candidate without a degree, and a degree with a concentration is even more desirable. Forward-thinking and fresh ideas are in great demand, and CTU offers the training to accomplish today's employer's needs.

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