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A Conversation About the Future of Homeland Security Education

I recently wrote a short essay for Journal of Homeland Security Education that graded general state of Homeland Security (HS) education today. I proposed – at the risk of offending most of our colleagues – that homeland security-specific academia would receive a solid C. Our community has done plenty right. Yet, we have plenty of room for improvement.

The Many Faces of Terrorism

Popular media often portrays a terrorist as a person of Middle Eastern descent. It’s a shortsighted, dangerous and limited perspective that reflects the media’s lack of diversity in imagination. Seldom are terrorists depicted as blonde-haired, blue-eyed individuals dressed in traditional business attire. But that view may soon change.

Striking a Balance: BYOD in the Corporation

I’m writing this post from the Next Generation Security Summit (NGSS) in Austin, TX. The event brings together about 100 senior executives, in particular the chief information security officers (CISOs), from corporations around the country. Are you curious to know the #1 priority on their minds? CISOs want to know how the proliferation of mobile devices impacts security and compliance. More specifically, how should organizations manage the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) issue?

Innovation Leadership is a Key Ingredient to Business Success

Innovation leadership is the practice of applying leadership to support the creation of new ideas, products, services and solutions. An innovation leader realizes that any employee can conceive innovative ideas, at any moment and for any reason. They recognize, support and empower employees to be creative.

New Horizons in Homeland Security: Discoveries at NASPAA Conference

The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) annual conference wrapped up in Austin, Texas this past fall. The NASPAA is the authorized accreditor for public policy programs and is considered the global standard in public service education. Their annual conference is a significant event, with national and international scholars addressing issues of public policy importance.

3 Free LinkedIn Tools That Give Your Profile More Value

A couple of weeks ago, I shared three new LinkedIn profile features that you shouldn’t underestimate. While it’s important to leverage all new features as best as you can, it’s vital to continue utilizing the professional networking platform’s fundamental functions. They also have a huge impact on your overall digital presence. Here’s how three of LinkedIn’s free components can add more value to your job search.

Social Media as Social Motivation: 3 Steps to Jumpstarting Any Goal

I achieved a tremendous milestone in October. In the four months prior, I lost 50 pounds. It was news that I couldn’t wait to share with my Facebook friends. As I began updating my status, an idea sparked. I’d been chronicling my weight loss journey online for months and it was just the motivation I needed to stick with my new healthy habits. Could I apply this same motivation to achieve other goals, like completing my doctoral dissertation?

Are We Prepared for Pandemics?

CTU’s Global Security Series offers background on current national and homeland security topics. In this series, University Dean of Security Studies, Dr. Morag, focuses on an often unaddressed area of homeland security: pandemics and its impact on public health. In this fourth installment, Dr. Morag surveys the variety of people, systems and processes that need to coordinate to minimize the risk and spread of a pandemic.

Becoming a B.E.S.T. Leader

Often, leadership is attributed to personal and professional success. But what defines a great leader? Opinions on this vary from source to source. In my experience, great leaders practice the B.E.S.T. principles.

Life Lessons from Chuck E. Cheese founder Dr. Gene Landrum: Why Hitting Bottom Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Game Over

The second installment of the CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series featured Chuck E. Cheese founder Gene Landrum, Ph.D., last month. This short blog series recaps inspiring stories that the well-known author and educator shared during his guest lecture. In this post, uncover why Dr. Landrum believes hitting bottom doesn’t necessarily mean game over.

Elevating, Advancing the Role of Homeland Security

You might consider Homeland Security a work in progress. It’s a function. It’s an approach. It’s a new discipline that is a profession in and of itself, but is a facet of many others. It’s far more than the Department of Homeland Security because the whole business of protecting our country is a collaborative effort that, for any given situation, can involve public and private resources, at the local, state and national levels, from firefighters to military personnel to medical researchers.

3-D Printer Makes Medical Models: What does this mean for healthcare management?

Imagine the possibilities. You’ve probably heard that phrase before and if you’ve ever sat through a human physiology class or other healthcare-related programs of study, you might have wondered, “Is there a better way…?” Skeletal models, patient simulations, and other advanced medical technology provide a certain level of information, but it’s often it’s generic. They don’t offer a true-to-life visual that would allow you to diagnose and prescribe based on a patient’s one-of-a-kind needs.

Understanding the U.S. Public Health System’s Response to Pandemics

Most people are unaware of what is or who becomes involved when a pandemic strikes. In this post, I explore the institutions and mechanisms that exist in the United States to track and cope with pandemic outbreaks in this country and worldwide. As you read, consider your part in this complex process. What can you do to minimize the potential spread of disease in your community?

Is Cloud Computing Right For Your Organization?

Smart CIOs aren’t lemmings, leaping over cliffs and chasing bright shiny objects in search of the next Information Technology (IT) silver bullet. But in the case of cloud computing, many are diving in – head first.

Don’t Underestimate These 3 New Profile Features on LinkedIn

Last month, LinkedIn started rolling out its new profile format. Featuring an updated design and notable insights, the fresh take on profiles will make it easier for you to tell your professional story, discover people and opportunities, and engage with your network.