Mukesh J.



DEGREE: Master of Science - Information Technology -

STATEMENT: I'M IN AND NOW I can achieve my dream job.

Describe your educational and professional background.

Before 2001, I was focused on a medical career in Nepal, my home country. Then I saw a desktop computer for the first time and I fell in love. In 2004, my wife and I came to the U.S. after winning a green card lottery. It was a one in a million chance. It changed our life, coming to the “Land of Opportunity.” In 2005, we were living in Colorado and I walked to IBM’s main security gate. The security guard told me, “You have to have a bachelor’s degree before you apply here.” I started my higher education soon thereafter and got hired by IBM. I have very good convincing skills.

How has CTU been part of your educational and professional path?

I am very passionate about the field of IT and have used my CTU experience as a ladder for career growth. My CTU advisors helped me understand all the processes. I had a lot of questions and never stopped asking them. I finished my master’s in less than eight months because I enjoyed it.* Education has empowered my career and helped me achieve career goals. As a side note: CTU hasn’t just been part of my path – based on my experience, my wife also applied to CTU and she graduated last year! [*Program length may vary.]

How is your life different now that you've graduated from CTU?

I feel very proud of being the only person in my family with a master’s degree. My dream now is to achieve a managerial role in an IT corporate environment. I am working toward my goal and hoping to attain it soon. I am a very confident person and my degree has helped bolster this confidence every time I’ve interviewed for any position since graduation.

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