Michele M.

CTU Alumni - Michele M.


DEGREE: Bachelor of Science - Accounting -

STATEMENT: I'M IN AND NOW I want to inspire my children to better their lives through education. Making dreams come true can be a reality!

Describe your educational aspirations.

Upon completing the bachelor's degree program through CTU, my plan is to study and take the CPA exam. I want to develop further in my career and hope to eventually become a controller at a company. I never thought in a million years I would have the opportunity to receive a four-year degree. My family wasn't rich, and I didn't see how it would ever be possible. Now, here I stand a week from graduating. What an awesome feeling!

What goal(s) would you like higher education help you attain?

My main goal in pursuing higher education is to advance in my accounting career. I have been working in the accounting field for 16years and having a bachelor's degree increases my chances of being marketable. I hope that receiving this degree will also advance my compensation. Having just an associate's degree was keeping me from being challenged and from being compensated for the knowledge and experience I bring to the table.

How do you envision your life being different after earning your degree?

My life will be different after receiving this degree because it will give me the edge I need to be able to market myself. With the experience I have in the accounting field, plus a bachelor's degree, I feel that the sky is the limit. I have made my family, my kids, and myself very proud to have worked through adversity to rise to the top. I am going to encourage my husband to pursue his four-year degree and support him like he supported me for the past 18 months. I want my kids to realize that with support and belief, all things are possible.