Mary Lou C.

Mary Lou


DEGREE: MSM - Criminal Justice -

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice -

STATEMENT: I'M IN AND NOW I'm hooked on learning.

Describe your educational and professional background.

I am an Air Force vet with more than 22 years of investigative experience. I have worked in private, federal, and state agencies. I am a board certified fellow with the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators. I have over 18 years as the administrator of two small businesses; a private investigations company and a woodworking company. In addition to teaching criminal justice courses online, I work part-time as a field deputy medical investigator. I earned a master of science in management for criminal justice, and a bachelor of science in criminal justice from CTU.

How has CTU been part of your educational and professional path?

I really liked CTU's accelerated program. I was just going to finish my bachelor's degree for my own satisfaction, but found I really liked online learning. Earning a master's degree has enhanced my reputation as a medicolegal death investigator and has allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. My ultimate goal is that I'd love to work for CTU.

How is your life different now that you've graduated from CTU?

My partner of over 30 years said he noticed a tremendous boost to my self-confidence as I progressed through my programs. I am more comfortable with public speaking than ever before. Pre-degree, I had been asked to write articles for an industry newsletter but never accepted. I didn't believe that I had the education or experience to write about anything worth reading. Now, I am actively collaborating with colleagues to revise a forensic death investigators textbook. Oh, and, I also feel that I have become a role model for my children and grandchildren!

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