John M.



Logistics and Supply Chain Management - 2009

STATEMENT: I'M IN AND NOW, more than ever, I support and inspire my family.

Describe your educational and professional background.

After high school, I attended Rutgers University for two-and-half years but was not able to complete my studies due to personal issues. In 1987, I began working for Lockheed Martin as an electronics assembler. I always wanted to go back to school, but I had started a family and believed it would be very difficult to work full time, raise my family, and attend school all at the same time. I earned my Associate of Science degree in 2001, my Bachelor of Science degree in 2007 and then my MBA from CTU in 2009. After 25 years, I am still with Lockheed Martin, although now I am a staff level logistics engineer.

How has CTU been part of your educational and professional path?

CTU has a partnership with Lockheed Martin, which promotes higher learning among their employees. With each position I held at Lockheed, during my annual review, my managers would always encourage me to get an advanced degree to help propel me to the next level. I took a bold step and went back to school to obtain my MBA at CTU. I thank God that it was a beneficial opportunity to earn both a bachelor's and master's degree online while raising a family and working full time. Earning an advanced degree online has opened up many opportunities for me within Lockheed Martin.

How is your life different now that you've graduated from CTU?

Higher education has given me more confidence in pursuing my goals and given me a clearer direction in life. It has also increased my problem-solving and critical thinking skills. By earning my MBA, I have increased my marketability in these difficult economic times. In the future, I may pursue a doctor of management degree with CTU in Homeland Security. Currently, one of my major goals is to encourage my four children, who are all in college, to complete their studies and earn an advanced degree.

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