Jason S.

CTU Alumni - Jason S.

Alumni, student

DEGREE: MBA - Logistics and Supply Chain Management -

DEGREE: BSBA - Marketing -

DEGREE: Associate of Science - General Studies -

STATEMENT: I'M IN AND NOW I'm wanting more! After taking a six month hiatus, I’ve just started my Hero’s Journey at CTU Colorado Springs as a hybrid student in the Doctor of Management Program with a Concentration in Organizational Development and Change.

Describe your educational and professional background.

I've earned my Associates of Science in General Studies with Honors and a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management all online through CTU. Currently I have started my Doctorate of Management in Organizational Development and Change. Professionally, I'm currently an Inventory Control Analyst at McCall Farms Inc. in Effingham, SC in the freezer department. We are a supplier that produces canned and frozen vegetables.  Our brands include Margaret Holmes, Glory, Great Value, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, McKenzie, Parade, Reddy Raw and many more. We distribute our product nationally, and have been growing every year. McCall Farms Inc. in the past year alone has made many different changes and developments within the Organization. As we continue to grow, having a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Development and Change seemed to be the next appropriate step for me to take, both educationally and professionally.

How has CTU been a part of your educational or professional journey?

CTU has been a part of my entire educational path. Originally I saw an ad online for CTU, I called the number listed and decided to join. At first it was just so I could use my Veterans Educational Benefits so they would not go to waste. Since July 2009, my mindset has changed from simply wanting to use my benefits to wanting more education. Halfway through each degree program I've made the decision to go even further. Not only have I earned my degrees here at CTU, but I'm also thinking of earning additional certifications to help me become the professional I want to be. CTU has helped me understand my job better and see the overall picture from a managers' point of view at the workplace.

How does higher education help individuals work toward their professional goals?

My current Class MGMT860-1303C-02 Doctoral Research I: Principles of Research and Writing has all the students creating a 5 year plan for our education, personal and profession goals. After attending the Doctoral Symposium and meeting fellow classmates and Professors in person, I have been able to realize all the goals I have especially in my professional career. My goal at McCall Farms is to move my up into Management position(s). Reflecting back on my previous degrees and understanding theories in those classes and current classes I’m taking will help me evolve into a better manager. I’ll be assigned a mentor for my dissertation, I feel I may try to find a mentor at my workplace as well to help guide me on the right path. While listening to a few professors talk about the consulting they do during July’s Doctoral Symposium, I am very intrigued about consulting and eventually doing it as a profession. The best way I can reach these goals is to first finish my Dissertation, and earn my Doctorate of Management, but that will not be the last step, continuing Post-Doctoral research will be necessary to get me to where I want to end up professionally and reach all the goals I have set for family and self.