David N.



DEGREE: Bachelor of Science - International Business -

STATEMENT: I'M IN AND NOW I am pursuing my BS in International Business. I am also continuing to my MS degree. The Master's will be the tie breaker in job hunting.

Describe your educational aspirations.

When I was let go during the recession, I found that I missed job opportunities since I did not have a degree. Now, there are so many people with Bachelor's degrees looking for work, that I know I need my Master's degree. I finish my BSBA in February and plan to start my MS right away. With all the options out there for online education, I am glad I chose to attend online classes at CTU. I have never felt like I was just a source of income to the school and I was never pressured to enroll, something I cannot say about all the schools I checked into. CTU has lived up to all of my expectations.

What goal(s) would you like higher education help you attain?

Higher education is my key to finding satisfying and meaningful work that does not leave me bored at the end of the day. I see my financial picture improving with my newly earned degree.

How do you envision your life being different after earning your degree?

I see myself being able to command a higher salary and prepare for my retirement.