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Plan for Success

Your success in education can depend on how you plan for it. Learn how.

CTU Fast Track

Learn how to earn your degree in less time and save money with CTU Fast Track tests. Fast Track is an assessment to test your knowledge of key course objectives so you can claim credit for what you already know.

Scholarships for Wounded Veterans and Spouses

At CTU we strive to support active duty and veteran military members and their families by enhancing the educational experience and offering scholarships to those who serve.

So You’ve Decided to Go Back to School: Now What?

Starting classes can come with a bit of excitement, anxiety and curiosity all at once. Here are 8 things you’ll need to get started.

Start, accelerate, or continue cruising down the road in the field of Healthcare

Pick a car and see all the exciting potential stops awaiting you on the path to further your education in the versatile world of Healthcare Administration and Management.

Compare CTU's Associate of Science in Healthcare Administration Services

If you're interested in a potential career in the field of healthcare, the ASHAS program at CTU can be the perfect place to start. Find out what it is, and what it is not.

Why Does a University's Accreditation Matter?

Colorado Technical University shows how colleges and universities earn their accreditations. Read how CTU meets all of the standards set by various accreditation bodies.

Do You Have What a Career in Information Technology Takes?

Employers need IT professionals who possess communication and leadership skills as well as business acumen.

Make a Connection that Matters

Mentorships go a very long way in the workplace. See how you can connect with the right person who can point your career—and life—in the right direction.

CTU Interactive Heat Map

CTU is much more than just an online university.  Explore the map to see just how large and widespread our network of students, alumni and facebook fans is.  

Networking Can Get You In

Networking has shaped some of history’s most impressive match-ups. Don’t wait to reach out to meet new people and cultivate your existing relationships.

Meetings that Changed the World

Take a journey through some of the most important meetings in the history of business and industry to see how simple interactions can lead to great discoveries. Then learn how you can make every meeting count.

The Most Popular Career Paths: 1970-Now

When it comes to popularity of degrees, Business ranked No. 1 among students, with nearly 350,000 earning their diplomas in that field in 2009.

Education Funding Infographic

For students preparing for college, finding funds for tuition is a big challenge. But there’s a wide selection of scholarships offered by a variety of organizations. Why not take advantage of available opportunities and discover new ways to save money on college tuition? Click here to learn more.

Why Accreditation of Online Colleges Matters

Accreditation is an important process for colleges and universities. Schools go through an intense review process to ensure students are held to the highest standards. Click here to learn more.