Do You Have What a Career in Information Technology Takes?

When 7 out of 10 of the world’s largest economies say IT positions are the hardest to fill*, you know there is a dramatic need for quality IT managers and staff. But how do you become a coveted candidate and get the attention of potential employers?

If you want to succeed in today’s IT industry, you need a solid tech foundation. But that’s just the beginning. To become the well-rounded IT professional the industry demands, it takes strategic problem solving, business acumen and the confidence to lead. At Colorado Technical University, our Information Technology and Computer Science degrees give you everything it takes to make the next step in your IT career.

Our specialized, in-depth curriculum and hands-on labs prepare you to tackle the hard-hitting IT problems of today and tomorrow. A problem-based learning approach helps you have the complete set of real-world business skills the industry demands. And connections to over 70,000 alumni and proven industry experts help you expand your skillset and grow a powerful professional network.

At CTU, we know what it takes to blaze the next trail in IT. Do you have what it takes?

CTU Information Technology Degree - IT/CS Infographic

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