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So You’ve Decided to Go Back to School: Now What?

Starting classes can come with a bit of excitement, anxiety and curiosity all at once. Here are 8 things you’ll need to get started.

CTU Interactive Heat Map

CTU is much more than just an online university.  Explore the map to see just how large and widespread our network of students, alumni and facebook fans is.  

The Most Popular Career Paths: 1970-Now

When it comes to popularity of degrees, Business ranked No. 1 among students, with nearly 350,000 earning their diplomas in that field in 2009.

Education Funding Infographic

For students preparing for college, finding funds for tuition is a big challenge. But there’s a wide selection of scholarships offered by a variety of organizations. Why not take advantage of available opportunities and discover new ways to save money on college tuition? Click here to learn more.

A Tale of Two Worlds: Old School, New School

When was the last time you put your hands on a tape recorder? How about a slide projector or an overhead projector?

Myers-Briggs and Job Satisfaction

For about 50 years, people have been using the Myers-Briggs Personality Test to help them figure out their career paths. The Myer Briggs psychological assessment involves a list of questions that help you determine your personality type.

Education Myth Busting Infographic – CTU

As educators continue to learn the best practices for sharing knowledge with the youth of today, there has always been room for change and growth. While once it was thought that individuals had special learning styles that teachers should learn to cater to, it is now common knowledge that humans have general learning abilities across the board.