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Can Exercise Help You Study?

College can be difficult enough adjusting to your new environment, dealing with the increased workload and balancing school along with work and family obligations. Fitting in exercise on top of all this can seem like a daunting task.

3 Proactive Steps to KISS Cybersecurity Woes Goodbye

How secure is your business from a cyber attack? If your organization is attacked, what will you lose, both in the attack and in the aftermath or recovery?

Global Impact of the Rise of China: The World’s Workshop

China has been characterized as the “world’s workshop” because so much global manufacturing is carried out in China. In fact, last year, China overtook the United States as the world’s largest manufacturer.

Why Networking is Crucial to Your Success

In today’s professional climate, conducting business effectively is all about building relationships. Knowing the right person could help you find an internship, job, research opportunity, or help with graduate school placement.

10 Tips for Those with Leadership Aspirations

Recently, Amy Powell, Director of Operations for Starbucks Coffee Co., led a webinar on operational excellence and efficiency for Colorado Technical University business students.

‘Double Blind’ Lineups Guard Against Mistaken Identity

Truth is the goal in every criminal investigation. In order to prove it, many types of evidence are used, including eyewitnesses.

Global Impact of the Rise of China: Defining Government

The People’s Republic of China is governed by the Chinese Communist Party or CCP. China is a one-party authoritarian state and the CCP is committed to maintaining a permanent monopoly on political power. China today has a collective leadership and major decisions require consensus among the CCP’s senior echelons, unlike North Korea and Cuba whose Communist parties have acted as support structures for the rule of dictators.

Driving our MBA Program Forward with SHRM Alignment

I’m proud to announce that CTU recently received confirmation from the Society for Human Resource Management(SHRM) that our Masters of Business Administration program in Human Resource Management is in full alignment with its standards for content that should be studied by graduate-level HR students.

How Close is Molecular Computing?

While it may seem like science fiction, modern advances in semiconductor manufacturing meant to support denser integrated circuits, or chips, will soon have us trying to imprint transistors and interconnect of a size less than ten nanometers. According to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, known throughout the world as the ITRS, this scale will be near the size of individual molecules. This progress raises the question: could molecules be made to serve as transistors and interconnect?

3 Critical Steps for Effective Meetings

Despite the universal need for meetings in the business world, widespread adoption of formal project management is still an emerging organizational practice.

America's Toughest Beat

The United States – a progressive global leader in countless areas – currently imprisons more citizens than any other nation in the world.

Socially-Responsible Business – Impact More Than Just the Bottom Line

Businesses in the 21st century need to be forward-thinking and innovative to retain current customers, attract new ones, and draw in new employees.

Global Impact of the Rise of China: the Twentieth Century

At the dawn of the Twentieth Century, China found itself divided, weak, and subject to the predations of colonial powers.

CTU’s Doctoral Symposia Energize Students, Faculty Alike

Faculty of CTU’s doctoral programs held their symposia in July – one for Doctor of Management (DM) and one for Doctor of Computer Science (DCS) students.

Colorado Wildfires: It Takes a Community

Our university Chancellor is just one of the many members of our CTU family impacted by the Colorado wildfires in June.