Two-Time Wounded Warrior Scholarship Winner Flourishes

CTU President Andrew Hurst and CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Recipient Todd Walls TSgt Todd Walls, Sr. isn’t the kind of man to rest on his successes. Instead, this two-time winner of Colorado Technical University’s Wounded Warrior Scholarship has built off his opportunities and hard work to take his career to new heights.

Walls, a retired Veteran of the US Air Force, first received the Wounded Warrior Scholarship in 2014. After using the scholarship to earn his Master of Business Administration (MBA), Todd noticed a major impact on his confidence and success in the workplace: “It’s been an injection of adrenaline into my career,” he said.

For Walls, the word to describe the CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship is easy to find: Opportunity. By making the most of two opportunities, Todd Walls serves as an ideal example of post-military success in the personal and professional spheres.

Opportunity Knocks Twice

Earning his MBA at CTU was such a rewarding experience that Walls applied for, and received, his second CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship in 2015. Todd is currently pursuing his Doctor in Management – Organizational Development and Change.

In his words, receiving a doctorate through the CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship is a “…tremendous opportunity to advance not only my knowledge base, but also my career.” Since receiving his graduate degree at CTU, Walls has been placed on the fast track to a leadership role by his employer.

Walls also noted that CTU is a military-friendly environment, especially for those with special needs. In his time at CTU, Walls has flourished in both his education and career, advancing both with a bright vision of the future.

Advice and Inspiration

Walls understands the challenges of entering the private sector after a military career, noting that former servicemen’s skills and value aren’t always immediately recognized by potential employers. That’s why, according to Walls, it’s crucial for veterans to stay positive, take advantage of all opportunities, and earn a degree.

“My advice to other service members, and military spouses, is to stay the course. The opportunities that will be available to you after you have put the hard work in and completed your degree will be tremendous,” Walls said.

Todd’s dedication to betterment in career and education offers inspiration for other recovering active duty, veterans, and military spouses. His own wife, Sharee Walls, received a Wounded Warrior Scholarship in 2014 and is currently pursuing a Doctor in Management, with a specialization in Project Management.

CTU is proud to honor those who serve: Apply today for the Wounded Warrior Scholarship. The 2016 scholarship deadline is September 15, 2015.

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