CTU Alumni Profile - John Petrov

CTU Alum John Petrov, Bachelor in Business Administration Graduate

Campus: CTU Online
Graduation Year: 2007
Degree Obtained:   BSBA
Field of Study: HR Management

Instead of going to college, John Petrov started his career after graduating high school. Eventually he realized the importance of a degree and decided to enroll at Colorado Technical University. John often says how he owes his success to this decision.

John’s father came to America in pursuit of a bigger, better life for himself and his family. His father’s work ethic and determination was a great example to John as he completed high school and launched his own career as a recruiter.

Eventually wanting to move up within his company, John realized a degree was necessary.  John was lucky that he worked at a company that encouraged him to further his education, and was even luckier to find CTU.

CTU’s online degree program flexibility offered John the ability to keep his normal work schedule and also pursue a Bachelor’s degree. He often found that objectives he learned in class could be immediately applied to his work – something he still finds today.

John is currently living in Washington, D.C. and is a successful executive. As he strolls through the city and visits monuments that celebrate freedom, John’s thoughts often go to his father. John is proud to live in a city that epitomizes what his father worked for, and he is proud of his own hard work and success.

“Because of Colorado Technical University, I’m at a great place in my life.”