Buckle Up, Stay In Your Lane and Stop Swerving!

By Dr. Rae Denise Madison, Adjunct Faculty in the Doctor of Management Program

CTU Doctor of Management Degree - Buckle UpThe Doctor of Management Program at CTU is a vigorous and highly demanding program. Each of you possesses a special gift that speaks not only to your intellect, but also to the ability to handle the workload. In the end, you will be able to stand with your head held high and say with conviction “I did it!” In order to strive and thrive on the journey, students must have their seat belts ‘securely fastened’ and ready to begin their Doctor of Management Program at CTU.  This is your time to shine in valuing and leveraging your skill set and showcase your unique talents.  So BUCKLE UP……

Believe in yourself and your dreams.  You may experience some motion sickness on this journey or what some may refer to as butterflies in your stomach. Just remember, this too shall pass, as these feelings are only temporary. Turn your dreams into goals by putting a plan together and adhering to it.

Unlock any preconceived thoughts, notions or feelings and start on a clean slate. The ultimate is for you to achieve your absolute best on this journey.  Your professors will assist in unleashing the full potential in you and support you in all of your endeavors.   

Communication is the key to your success.  Your professors communicate using various methods such as; emails, phone calls, conference calls, feedback on your assignments and Skype, to name a few.

Keep your eyes on the prize which is your earned Doctorate Degree.  When you walk across the stage to receive your degree, you will know that you worked very hard to achieve and earned your ultimate goal. Family and friends will be there to cheer you on and accept your gratitude because they walked the walk with you.     

Learning and sharing of knowledge is fun and there are no limitations.  Your colleagues are from various walks of life and you will share many perspectives, ideas and thoughts. Broaden your horizons by learning something new and try not to get stuck in a rut.

Educational needs will be met and you will be equipped with the necessary tools for your toolbox in order to be successful on this journey. Don’t be afraid to learn from and consult with others.  More importantly, observe others, consider their ways and learn from them.     

Understand you are not alone on this journey.  Professors, mentors and staff will accompany you on each step on the journey.  With a greater understanding, you can leverage your skill sets, embrace the many opportunities available and overcome the fears that you may have.  Focus on the unique perspectives and qualities that you bring to the university.    

Promise yourself that no matter what happens, you are on the journey for the long haul and you will earn your degree with purpose to reach your full potential. Settle in, kick uncertainty out the window and be mentored into your promotion of an advanced degree.    Be proactive by preparing for this daunting task and enjoy the journey.  Remember to BUCKLE UP, Stay in Your Lane and Stop Swerving! 

CTU Faculty - Dr. Rae MadisonRae Denise Madison, DM, is an Adjunct Professor and Committee Chair in the Doctor of Management Program at Colorado Technical University.  She has 30 years of service combined working for two large Airlines.  She received a Bachelor’s degree from Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia, an MBA from Atlanta University (now known as Clark Atlanta) and a Doctor of Management from Colorado Technical University.  She is most proud of being able to assist other students on their journey of higher learning.  As a former student of CTU, she was blessed with a group of experts who so willingly shared their knowledge and wisdom with her and who challenged her to think inside, outside and around the box. What she has learned and have been able to apply has been incredibly rewarding and because of this experience, she is humbled and honored to be able to continue this process by instructing other students who are beginning their Doctorate journey.