CTU Colorado Springs Entrepreneurship Workshop

CTU Colorado Springs Entrepreneurship WorkshopDate: October 25, 2013
Time: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Colorado Springs Campus, Rooms 250-252

Workshop Topics:

How to File Your Own Patent
CTU Faculty: Dr. Paul Schultz 

In this talk a practicing engineer and inventor will describe what a patent is, practical tips and tricks for identifying what might be patentable, how you might file your own patent, and ideas for accelerating your patent production. We will focus on utility patents, steps for filing a provisional patent, and how you might work with patent professionals to create your own non-provisional patents. 

Starting a Business, Count the Cost?
CTU Faculty: Cheng Hsieh

In this talk a local entrepreneur will share his real-world experience on how to manage the cost of starting a business. The talk will start with the overview of the business burdens, start-up costs consideration, how to best estimate business costs impacts, and assign realistic metrics to help sustain the business for the long term. 

Questions? Contact Dr. Yanzhen Qu,, 719.590.6880

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