Trouble Landing Interviews? A Weak Online Presence May Be To Blame

By CTU Staff

CTU Degrees - Social Media - Online PresenceToday, as many as 92% of employers and recruiters use social networks to find job candidates – yet only 38% of job seekers report regular use of LinkedIn to find work. With the candidate pool growing more homogeneous and the hiring process almost entirely digital, there’s really no denying that a professional presence online is critical to career success. In 2011, Forbes suggested your online presence will replace the resume in 10 years. For competitive job seekers – it already has.

Beyond these trends, employers have moved away from taking a candidate’s qualities at face value. Today, they verify resume claims with a few keystrokes – with more than 90% of job recruiters using social networks to screen candidates. Call yourself a master at workplace collaboration? Employers want to read unsolicited recommendations from your colleagues to corroborate the claim. Create a presentation for work or school that showcases your knowledge? Hiring managers want to see that, too.

To project a highly-desirable online presence, resourceful job seekers use creative tactics like video and interactive resumes showcasing their remarkable attributes. Some even run reverse want ads to get their credentials in front of the right companies and people on Facebook. At very minimum, you need a complete and compelling LinkedIn profile like these CTU students and alumni.

When filling an open job, 47% of recruiters review a candidate’s public profiles before deciding to contact them for an initial conversation. Would a Google search of your name earn you an interview?

If you’re a student or alum in need of help establishing your professional digital identity, or managing your social media privacy settings, contact a university career services consultant.

Image Source: All My Faves