Parents New to "Studenting" at CTU

By Kelli Ward, Student Advisor

All change, even positive change, causes stress. It is easy to get overwhelmed when you are new to coupling school responsibilities with those of being a parent. Knowing your limitations and organizing your schedule can help you prepare for the unexpected. Take 10 minutes at the beginning of your week to assess the total amount of time you have available to complete all of your daily responsibilities, excluding work. Identify which tasks are optional and which are required, and be ready to omit the optional tasks for the week in case you need to free up additional time. By designating certain days to school and other days to your children, it helps ensure you will complete all of your necessary tasks and gives your children something to look forward to. Be realistic. For instance, don’t schedule bath time on the same day as your task due date. If you finish early, make the most of the valuable time that you already set aside by viewing another chat, starting research for your next assignment, or reading the assigned chapters.

You are already committed to a schedule for your children; it is important to extend the same commitment to your assignments. Fortunately, you have most likely already mastered the art of compromise by bringing a child into your life. This is not just a time of change for you, but for your family as well. Involve your family in your study practices by planning regular family study sessions if your children are older. Remind your children that you will be able to spend time with them tomorrow, or over the weekend. This is great chance to instill good study habits in your children as well. Of course, younger children may be less understanding, but it is an opportunity for you to help them practice patience.

Procrastinating will intensify feelings of being overwhelmed and make it appear that you have less time than you actually have. Spend a small amount of time on each assignment over the course of a few days. Make time for breaks and practice expedited study habits. For example, while researching, track of all your sources in a Word document and include a summary of what you found. Include key citations that will make it easier for you to create a bibliography and locate the information later. Take notes during chats to decrease the likelihood you will need to review the chat again. Having to watch a chat three times because you weren’t really listening the first time is a huge time waster. By notating the times of the chats when certain topics ere discussed, you can more easily review the chat if necessary. Consider using your lunch hour to complete peer responses for Discussion Boards since they customarily take less time. Remember, you cannot do everything at once, so spread out your tasks and use your time wisely. Super Parents can be Super Students!