High Quality Graduates: A Survey of Colorado Technical University's Success

By Brian Bellows, Team Lead, New Military Student Advising

Colorado Technical University (CTU) produces graduates who are well prepared for the changing needs of the business community, according to a recent study conducted by The Analytical Group, a third party research organization. Survey results also show that CTU graduates are making valuable contributions to their employers.

CTU graduates received some of the most positive survey responses in the areas of communication, analysis, and interpersonal skills. According to the study, 97% of employers surveyed believed that CTU graduates perform as well as or better than other employees and 82% would hire another CTU graduate (Baldwin, 2010, para. 1).

Graduates may have been rated so highly because their education includes specially designed curriculum that introduces students to real-world skills through industryfocused assignments and tasks, many of which require them to work in groups. Students also have the opportunity to form relationships with their peers by interacting outside the classroom. By using resources such as the Virtual Commons, students can reach out to people in their programs, join clubs, and discuss various topics about their discipline or other interests. Tools like the Discussion Board also help to foster dialogue on critical topics, which encourages strong analytical and communication skills. All these skills help CTU graduates transition from their degree program to the real world.

The value of teamwork and communication skills graduates learned at CTU also were reflected in the survey results, as “88 percent of employers surveyed agree or strongly agree that CTU graduates work effectively in a team environment,” and “86 percent agree or strongly agree that graduates have appropriate verbal communication skills” (Baldwin, 2010, para. 6, 7).

Finally, the survey found that CTU graduates are technologically savvy, which helps them easily transition into their careers. Students gain many of the necessary technological skills and literacy early on in their programs and continue to develop them as they work toward graduation. This may explain why the survey found that 89% of employers agreed that CTU graduates have the technological knowledge required for their positions (Baldwin, 2010, para. 5).

These survey results help confirm that CTU’s curriculum focuses on many core skills sought by potential employers and prepares students for today’s workforce.

Reference: Baldwin, T. (2010, June 16). Annual Employer Satisfaction Survey Gives High Marks to Colorado Technical University Graduates. Retrieved June 20, 2010, from Yahoo Finance: Annual-Employer-Satisfaction-bw-1547942018.html?x=0&.v=1