Embracing Change

By Anthony Zagajewski, Student Advisor

Change is something that is a part of all our lives. Change can happen quickly and it is very important to be able to adapt. 

Change can happen in school as well. In order to be as prepared as possible in your classes at CTU, it is very important to review your task list right away. This is the comprehensive list of all assignments, due dates, and information on how long the assignments should be. After you become familiar with the task list, and knowing when your live chat times are, the "course home" area of the Virtual Campus that lists announcements should be  monitored on a daily basis. This way you will be informed of changes to chat times and assignments. Expectations should be made clear with any changes - if not, inquire further with your professor.

If you are unable to attend live chats, reviewing the archives will also communicate assignment details and answers to questions students had in class.

If you see that something has been altered for an assignment, or if something in the classroom that does not seem right to you, our Student Advising team can help address your concerns. Changes should not happen too often in class, but things can come up in the lives of your professors the same way they come up in yours. We seek to accommodate you in the best way possible and make sure that policy and procedures are adhered to. Stay current with your assignments and chats and keep an eye out for changes and you'll be prepared to make adjustments when change does happen.