Attention New Online CTU Students!

Starting school again can sometimes make you feel nervous, intimidated, or in fear of failure. These feelings and emotions are completely normal to experience when starting something new. To help new students build confidence and overcome these fears, Colorado Technical University implemented the Student Mentorship Program for online students.

The Student Mentorship Program started in 2007. The program pairs a student who is in his or her first two sessions of classes with a veteran student who is academically successful and has been enrolled in online classes at CTU for six sessions or more. All student mentors have been in your shoes and know the feelings that are often experienced when starting school again or for the first time.

By being paired with a student mentor, students gain an instant partner who can answer questions, help with things like Virtual Campus navigation, and give some guidance in overcoming potential barriers based on their own experiences as an online student at CTU. Constant, two-way communication between the mentor and the mentee is the key component that makes this program successful.

Potential mentees should be aware that a student mentor is not a tutor for specific classes. Any questions regarding assignments should always be directed towards the course instructor(s).

If you are a new student and are interested in being paired up with a student mentor or have any questions about the program, please send an e-mail to Take advantage of this great resource today!