Surviving Thanksgiving: Don’t Let Studies Slip on Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving meal with family and friendsSo it’s all done: The turkey is completely made, the stuffing is out of the oven, and the cranberry sauce is thoroughly cranberried. Then it hits you: You forgot there’s a big class assignment that’s due!

It can happen to the best of us; the hubbub of the holidays can easily distract from schoolwork, especially for adult students who also have festive family responsibilities to consider. Don’t fret: In this blog, we’ll provide some awesome tips designed to help you balance the Thanksgiving fun with your studies.

6 Great Thanksgiving Study Tips

This Turkey Day is sure to be a great one, whether you’re planning a low-key gathering or a massive family feast. These simple study tips will ensure your quest for a degree doesn’t get derailed by all that pumpkin pie:

  1. Organize your work: It’s always easier to handle tasks when you break them in to manageable chunks, and studying is no different. Before the holiday weekend begins, write down everything you need to study or complete for your classes, then prioritize it! Just remember: you’ll be enjoying a nice roasted/grilled/fried/tofu’d turkey before you know it.
  2. Get it done early: You’ll have enough on your hands throughout Thanksgiving day and the immediate time after, from planning rosters for the annual family football game to mapping out your Black Friday shopping route. Try to get all studying and assignments done, or at least planned out, early on in the holiday weekend. That way you can kick back and enjoy things stress-free.
  3. Set some time aside: Take at least one hour and set it aside for uninterrupted study time. That means absolutely no distractions from family and friends. This includes no requests to taste the stuffing before it’s done, no awkward family photos, and absolutely no checking your fantasy football scoreboard.
  4. Make downtime work for you: If you’re going the oven-roasted route, cooking a turkey takes hours. Don’t waste that valuable time watching the bird gloriously glisten; hit the books! Every little bit counts when it comes to studying, so pack it in during the natural downtimes that occur throughout the holiday.
  5. Get your family involved: You’re surrounded by all your best friends and family members, why not put them to work? There are a variety of fun ways to get your relatives involved in your studies. Make simple flash cards or have them administer practice questions from your textbook. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can combine the two to create a classwork-themed game show complete with a host, questions, and some fellow competitors!
  6. Enjoy yourself: All jokes aside, Thanksgiving is a great occasion for bringing family together for food and fun. It’s definitely important to not lose sight of your educational goals, but make sure you remember to stop and smell the gravy, too!

Have a Great Holiday

Colorado Technical University is happy to wish all current and prospective students a happy Thanksgiving. Have anything you’re particularly thankful for this year? Leave a comment below!