Student Tips for Using CTU Mobile

CTU Mobile App for AndroidIf you're a CTU student and actively use CTU Mobile, then congratulations! You’ve come to the right place. This post is all about the useful tricks and shortcuts that can help you get the most out of the app's many features. These tips are sure to make you a CTU Mobile pro.

Notification Center

See that little bell at the top of your home view? Tap to view your mobile notifications in CTU Mobile. It's more than just due dates and assignment grades. CTU Mobile will also notify you when a classmate has responded to your discussion board post or made a comment within your group area. You'll also receive a notification if your instructor makes a change to a Live Chat or posts a new announcement.

Push Notifications

If you'd like to receive CTU push notifications when your phone is locked, head to settings and turn on push notifications. This way you’ll stay up to date on discussion board posts, announcements, and more. With push notifications enabled this information comes to you as soon as it's available.

Multitasking on the Go

When you tap on an assignment in CTU Mobile, you will be directed out of the app and into your phone's web browser; where you can view course materials and complete the assignment just as you would on your computer. This has another added benefit - especially for those who love to multitask. Since you're now in your browser, you can open several course materials and discussion boards at once. That way you can research a fact in your e-book while you draft a discussion board post. When you’re ready, just switch from one browser tab to the next to complete tasks on the go. Easy as that.

Calendar Sync

The Tasks view will show you the next two weeks of assignments and Live Chats. If you see something that isn't due for ten days that you absolutely don't want to forget about, click "Add To Calendar" below it and you can add the Task to your device’s native calendar app.

Dismissing Tasks

Accidentally dismissed a notification or task? No problem. Tap on the "Dismissed" tab, swipe, and you can restore the task to the "Current" tab. Additionally, if you'd like to mark an already read notification as Unread, just swipe right and tap "Mark as Unread". And don't forget: Just because a task is listed as "Past Due" doesn't mean you haven't completed it. It just means you haven't dismissed it yet.

Voice Dictation

Want to participate in a Live Chat away from your desk? CTU Mobile can capture your voice dictation and instantly turn them into text for you to edit and post. Similarly, you can also dictate your discussion board posts and replies. Be sure to save these as drafts so you can revisit them later to revise any auto-correct errors, add punctuation, and change formatting before submitting your work. Remember, once submitted, a discussion board post cannot be edited. This ability makes use of your device's native voice to text capabilities. Some devices may temporarily disable audio during Live Chat sessions as you dictate a comment into your device, restoring audio after you post your comment. Save your draft and review once you’re back on your laptop or desktop computer.

Your Student ID Card

Go to settings, click on "Student Profile" then click on the camera icon to automatically update your profile picture from your device's photo album or snap and upload a new one. CTU Mobile will even upload the new photo to CTU's Virtual Campus so you're profile is always in sync. From here, you can display your student ID card for discounts and other uses while on the go.

Contacting CTU

Need to know your instructor's office hours or the hours of operation for CTU's financial aid office? Tap on the ellipses next to the instructor's or department's name in "Contacts" for an expanded view, including hours and, for departments, a brief summary of services available. Tap to call your student advisor or email your instructor right from your contacts within the app.

Looking for more ways to get the most out of your CTU Mobile experience? Read these instructions for adding your CTU student email to your mobile device.

About CTU Mobile

Designed to help current CTU online students fit education into their lives, CTU Mobile offers a secure, convenient way to make the most of the mobile moments each day. Anytime. Anywhere. Available now in the iTunes and Google Play store for iOS and Android smartphone and tablet users.