How Craigslist Inspired a New Goal

CTU Student Geoff YoungGeoff Young browsed the job postings on Craigslist. One caught his eye so he decided to inquire about the job. During the call, he discovered that a minimum qualification was a college degree—something he didn’t have.

That experience, combined with a kindling of desire to be more marketable and do something more in his career, inspired Geoff to start looking into going to college.

Given his full-time work schedule in the hospitality field, he knew that going to a traditional four-year university would be challenging. He intended to keep his full-time job while pursuing a degree. That led him to research online college degree programs so he could enjoy the flexibility of completing coursework from his home in Atlanta, Georgia. He placed calls to various universities to explore his options.

“By far, CTU offered the best experience and support during my research phase,” Geoff says. When he contacted an admissions advisor at CTU, he was pleasantly surprised at the depth of information he was given and how the advisor spent time guiding him through the admissions process and CTU’s degree programs.

This was an unusual experience compared to other online universities he had called. “I was on the phone for at least an hour with CTU and never felt rushed,” Geoff explains, “My calls to other online universities were short, quick and generally unsupportive.”

Geoff enrolled in CTU’s business administration program in July 2014 and expects to earn his degree sometime during the summer of 2017.

To help shorten the time to graduation, Geoff is taking advantage of CTU’s Fast Track program. At this point, he has completed seven Fast Track exams, which include a range of courses from math to English. “I have to admit. The Fast Track exam for math was tough,” says Geoff. He explains how taking the Fast Track exam turned into a nice refresher of math skills that he hadn’t used in many years. “Sometimes you don’t realize you’re using certain math theories in everyday life, so seeing them on the exam can throw you off.”

Nonetheless, the Fast Track experience was positive for Geoff and he highly recommends it to others who want to move more quickly to graduation.

For Geoff, graduation is an important milestone that will enable him to spend more time pursuing his passion for ministry and international travel. Eventually, he might also pursue a master’s degree.

Wherever Geoff goes, he appreciates how CTU’s Fast Track has made his entire college experience more manageable and looks forward to applying what he’s learning in his future endeavors.

The ability to reduce time in school and/or reduce tuition depends on the number of Fast Track™ courses successfully passed. Fast Track™ program credits are unlikely to transfer. Not all programs are eligible for possible 30% reduction in time and money.

Image credit: Helen