CTU Adjunct Professor, Rebecca Rouse

CTU Professor Rebecca RouseRebecca Rouse finds concepts like loyalty and dedication near and dear to her heart. They have served her well in the U.S. Army for the past 22 years and then again in her master’s program, which the Army selected to fund for her in full. Rebecca earned her bachelor’s in criminal justice from the University of Northern Colorado and her master’s in political science from Syracuse University. Rebecca’s dedicated scholarly path also led her to receive a master’s certificate in homeland defense from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and a Doctorate in Management from CTU.

Rebecca’s motto is one that Yoda offered many years ago, “Do, or do not; there is no try.” And it’s one that she’s followed her whole life. When it came to education, Rouse saw it through until the end. Not surprising that she now shares her knowledge and passion with others as a professor at CTU. Rouse currently teaches numerous classes, both online and in the classroom in Colorado Springs, and her dissertation “A Descriptive Study of Current Master’s-Level Homeland Security Education Programs” is currently in review for publication.

Rouse believes that, “Education is the great equalizer and enormously empowering for those who seek it.  At the same time, it requires commitment, energy and passion from both students and teachers, so that those who pursue it can improve their lives, futures, and communities.”

In her spare time, Rouse dedicates herself as a volunteer—working with animals, wildlife rescues and local emergency efforts. On a personal note, Rouse was voted funniest girl in her high school, so we HIGHLY recommend taking one of her classes!