CTU’s Shana Garrett, Ph.D. Authors New Leadership Book

CTU VP of Academic Affairs, Shana Garrett's new book, Pure Heart Shana Garrett, PhD is the Vice President of Academic Affairs at CTU and has authored a new book on leadership and motivation to achieve your goals. We sat down with Shana to ask her a few questions about her book and the motivation behind it.

Tell us about the meaning behind Pure Heart.

For me, Pure Heart is about meeting people where they are and putting all egos aside for a common goal. Sounds simple enough but it’s challenging when we have to work through all the ego systems, defense mechanism, and life experienced that have made us jaded at times. It’s about being real and engaged with another individual to such a degree that there is a common understanding, goal, and commitment to create a change that works to benefit that other person.

What is the difference between being a manager and a leader?

Pure Heart is an approach that came from a place of helping others work through barriers and challenges. Being in a leadership role requires being committed to working with, and for, others who are looking to grow in their role or maybe long term within their industry of choice. Having a team doesn’t mean you are a leader. It means you are a manager and supervise a group of individuals. Being a leader denotes a level of commitment, engagement, involvement, and accountability for how the path develops or stalls.

What are some take-aways for students from Pure Heart:

“Embrace and celebrate your struggles and your true self because with an education to support your talents, you are unstoppable in achieving your dreams!”

“Never compromise who you are and what your dreams are because that gives life to your goals and aspirations.”

“Stop living in your past experiences and work towards creating better moments in the present”

“Chase your dreams with passion!”

“Collect the wisdom of your experiences in order to build your confidence.”

“If it’s not serving a purpose and draining your emotional bank account, then it’s not of value.”

“Create your own affirmations hat represent your true self and your authentic desires.”

“Be the person you know you were meant to be.”

“Your potential is your responsibility.”

How do you think about leadership personally?

It’s not about what I think is best for them, it’s about what they want to achieve and their dreams- I just have the amazing opportunity to provide insight and support along their journey. My charge and aspiration is that we work tougher for their goal in order to see them be successful in that achievement. Better yet, they take on their new role by embracing another soul to share the same experience and pay it forward by returning the favor.

What are the attributes on demonstrating Pure Heart Leadership?

Pure Heart leadership is:

  • Simple Concept
  • Requires Commitment
  • Must be Authentic
  • Desire to Succeed with Others
  • Not afraid to become emotionally invested.

Tell us about your career path.

I began my career in education by driving the successes of two online programs for Pepperdine University in Educational Technology, which has led to over fourteen years of progressive administrator experience in both the online and ground platforms. My administrative experience is supported by several years of faculty experience in both post-secondary education institutions as well as serving as faculty at the North Texas Council of Government-Regional Police Academy in Texas.

I present nationally and internationally on topics ranging from academic readiness, faculty engagement, as well as student retention within the distance education environment. My business experience compliments my education service by bringing over fifteen years of program development, management, and transformation to my knowledge of proprietary education as well as over eight years of experience as a paralegal.

How do you apply the concept of Pure Heart to your career?

Pure Heart is what brings me joy in working with others. It compliments both my professional and personal relationships because it adds a dimension of truth and value. It grounds me which in turn supports my growth and determination to help others along their path. My feel good in this approach is in motivation and supporting others in finding their value and desired successes. It is one of the most honest and challenging leadership approaches because it demands your authentic self, engaged mindfulness and honest reflection in order to perform for the greater good of the overall team.

CTU VP of Academic Affairs, Shana Garrett, PhDDr. Shana L. Garrett received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Saybrook University, her Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, and her Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holds the designation as a National Certified Counselor.