Serving Those Who Serve

By CTU Faculty

Military Boots - Colorado Technical University DegreesWe in the United States enjoy a freedom and prosperity that is uncommon in the world today. We owe gratitude to the men and women in uniform, past and present, who have secured our liberty and way of life. As I travel to visit our campuses, I cannot help but notice how airlines show their gratitude for those who serve, by providing early boarding to people in uniform. At CTU, we honor students who serve or have served our country in an even more profound way, through the CTU Department of Military Education (DOME).

Support Services
I think all of us would agree that balancing life and school are challenging enough without being deployed overseas to serve your country. Trying to navigate the latest changes to educational funding options can be an overwhelming process. Jim Hendrickson, Maj., US Air Force Reserves, recognized this challenge when he created DOME, a program designed to provide knowledgeable and integrated service for active duty, reserve, National Guard, and veteran students and their families. Our military students find it helpful to have an integrated and knowledgeable team of admissions, prior learning assessment, and financial aid advisors available to support them along the way.

In concert with the advisors, our faculty are experienced with and committed to our military students and families. I was surprised and pleased to learn that CTU-wide, 14% of our faculty have been or currently are in uniform. In Colorado, where we have the most campus-based, military students, 23% of our faculty have served our country. Rockie, Health Sciences faculty chair at CTU, served twenty-plus years as a registered nurse in the Navy and in a civilian context. Bruce, our Dean of Computer Science, spent nine years in the Air Force.  Phil, chair of the Business and Management Department, served as a commanding officer for a large mobile logistics support group in the U.S. Air Force. The experience our military faculty brings is crucial to creating a military-friendly environment and has the overall benefit of broadening the experience and perspective all our students find in our campus-based and online classrooms.

We show our gratitude and commitment by meeting the needs of our military segment through our DOME team and military faculty.  It is our honor to serve those who serve.

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