CTU Kansas City Students Honor Veteran’s Day and Support Veterans History Project

Written by:  Kelley Emmett, CTU Assistant Professor

On November 10, 2011, Colorado Technical University honored Veteran’s Day and hosted the Veterans History Project presentation at First Baptist Church of North Kansas City. Library of Congress award-winning oral historian Gary Swanson provided a 30 minute World War II history presentation on the Pacific Theater and also introduced guest speaker and Battle of Iwo Jima survivor, US Marine Ed Boswell.

Mr. Boswell shared his experiences as an 18 year old infantryman on Iwo Jima, and also discussed with the audience the importance of future generations of people learning about World War II history. Boswell stated, “The younger generations [like those present in the audience] need to learn about the past. Those who do not learn about the past are doomed to repeat it….there is nothing glorious about war.”

Also in attendance was World War II Veteran of Omaha Beach and the European theater, Louis Grace, and his wife. Colorado Technical University staff and faculty Melinda Whitman, Eldonna Davis, Kelley Emmett, and Ms. Emmett’s 1:00pm Humanities class were present. Emmett’s humanities class had four veterans in attendance, all of whom took the opportunity to thank, socialize and visit with both World War II veterans.  Colorado Technical University Kansas City Campus wishes to thank all men and women who have served in the United States Military:  Thank you for your time, service and dedication to protect our country’s freedoms.