4 Essential Tips for Being and Feeling Successful

Tips for being successfulIf you asked ten people to define what success means to them, you’d likely receive ten very different answers. Success could mean having financial security or a job that you love, or it could simply be knowing that your family is healthy and happy. As many students know, success can be both a journey and a destination--a goal to reach for, but also a feeling that you’re making progress toward that goal.

As a recent article in Fast Company explains, successful people tend to arrive at success by making gradual improvements to four specific areas of their lives. Below is a quick breakdown of Fast Company’s advice so you can start walking down your own path toward academic success.

4 Tips for Making Your Own Success

According to the article's author, Vivian Giang, there are some very simple ways to improve your life in these four essential areas, each of which is highly applicable to students who are working toward an online degree.

  1. Physical: Improving your physical health comes down to three simple rules: eat better, exercise more and sleep on a consistent schedule. Giang states that the human body is really just “the average of the thing that you eat.” Students who eat poorly and don’t get enough sleep are essentially robbing themselves of the energy they need to be successful. Remember, the brain is a vital part of your physical self, so the way you treat your body is going to have a wider reaching effect on your emotional, mental and spiritual state.
  2. Emotional: A person’s emotional state is heavily dictated by the people in their immediate circle. Poor self-esteem and a generally negative outlook are often the result of being around others with a similarly cloudy disposition. As the article instructs, choose friends wisely, and don’t always feel the need to maintain relationships with people who don’t support your goals or value your ideas. When trying to develop a more positive outlook, you should also study successful people and build on their traits. Even if these people aren’t in your immediate circle, they can still provide a useful for framework for feeling your success.
  3. Mental: Fast Company offers a great piece of specific advice from billionaire investor, James Altucher, for how to improve your mental acuity. Every day, Altucher writes down ten new ideas as a way to inspire himself and exercise his brain. For college students, this is not only a great way to prime your brain for success; it’s also a useful brainstorming exercise for completing assignments and collaborating with classmates.
  4. Spiritual: The key to healthy spirituality can be summed up in one word: gratitude. In reality, success is in the eye of the beholder. Try waking up every day thankful for the opportunity to work toward success, and to show gratitude for those in your life who are helping you achieve your goals. As Altucher explains, when you feel gratitude, you also set aside negative feelings that aren’t conducive to a successful life. "I feel you can’t have gratitude in your mind at the same time as regret and anxiety," says Altucher.

Success rarely, if ever, happens overnight. Success requires gradual improvement and a long term commitment to your personal goals. Success takes physical and mental determination, but as the Fast Company article concludes, the rules for achieving success aren’t always universal. It’s a big world, and we each have to define it for ourselves.

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