CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship Application: Request Email

As part of the Wounded Warrior Scholarship application you are asked to include a Recommendation Letter. For Active Duty, spouse of an Active Duty service member or Non-Medical Attendant of an Active Duty service member, a recommendation could come from a Commanding Officer or First Sergeant. For a Veteran, spouse of a Veteran or Non-Medical Attendant of a Veteran, your letter could come from a Veterans Affairs Representative or a Primary Care Manager.

If you do not have a reference in one of these categories, contact us to discuss alternative acceptable references.

Here are some tips on asking for a recommendation:

  • Be sure to give your reference time to thoughtfully write you a recommendation.
  • Depending on the relationship, it might be worthwhile to give your reference some details about yourself. How do they know you? What did you experience together?
  • In the email sent to your reference, the scholarship is explained as follows: “The CTU Wounded Warrior Scholarship is a full tuition scholarship opportunity available to wounded active duty and veteran service members, as well as their spouses and caregiver. Each year CTU, in partnership with Yellow Ribbon Fund, provides 50 individuals with full tuition coverage for a full degree program as well as textbooks and a laptop computer.”  Feel free to write any other details to your reference, or share the scholarship’s website:
  • The deadline for the scholarship is also included in the email sent to the reference. You will be notified once the letter is received in the application portal.
  • After the reference letter has been received, follow up with a thank you note.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help: