Download Social Graphics to Show You're IN!

Congrats! You’ve made the decision to further your education. Start strong and let your friends and family know that you’re pursuing your dreams. Update your social profiles with these images and let everyone know your goals! 

Click on the images below to see the full-sized image, then right-click to save to your desktop.

Facebook Timeline Images              Facebook Cover Images       Facebook Profile Images


CTU FB Timeline - Always Achieving - Thumbnail CTU Social Media Graphics - Never Waiting Cover Image CTU FB Student Profile - Thumbnail
CTU FB Timeline Image - Never Waiting - Thumbnail  CTU FB Cover Image with Books - Never Waiting - Thumbnail CTU Facebook Profile Image - Alum
CTU FB Timeline Image - Origami - Thumbnail CTU FB Cover - Origami - Thumbnail CTU Facebook Profile Image - Achiever
CTU FB Cover - Origami in Red - Thumbnail
CTU FB Cover Image - Never Waiting - Thumnbail