Why Mentorship Makes You Win

By Kristy D. Smith, D.M., Vice President of Education, CTU Colorado Campuses

CTU Student Success - MentorshipMentorship is a relationship and a win-win pathway. It is the ultimate example of ‘paying it forward.’ In my experience, I have found that this relationship gives both the mentor and mentee opportunity to be the giver in either role and to gain while giving.

The Voice of ‘More’

I recently sat through a speech by Pastor Greg Surratt. He reminded the crowd that we can be the voice of ‘more’ or of ‘less.’ My mind kept returning to my experience with mentorship and how I could be this voice of more as both a mentor and mentee. I have found this to be true in personal and professional, formal and informal mentoring. Being the voice of ‘more’ is being an encourager. We all have knowledge to share and encouragement to give.

Throughout life, you may be a mentor and a mentee in different arenas. My first mentor relationship was as a professional when I began my career. That relationship turned into a personal mentorship as the two of us grew in our careers and moved to different organizations. I would love to share all my mentorship stories with you; however, you will need to wait for the book!

Paying It Forward for a Lifetime

One of the most important benefits I have found from mentorships is that the gift continues to give and pay forward when you share your knowledge and help someone become better. Someone provided you a mentoring opportunity. Now you give someone else the same opportunity.

CTU Faculty - Dr. Kristy SmithKristy D. Smith, D.M. is the Vice President of Education at CTU, Colorado Campuses. She leads the academic programs on ground campuses for the state of Colorado, serves as a mentor to faculty, staff and students, and teaches in various areas in the field of management. Connect with Dr. Smith on Twitter @DrKristy08.  

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Image credit: Flickr/Mr. Gee