4 Hot Insights from IT Leaders

  • May 13, 2013

By Yanzhen Qu, Ph.D., Yanzhen Qu, professor and Department Chair of Computer Science and Information Technology and Kristy D. Smith, D.M., Vice President of Education, CTU Colorado Campuses

CTU Information Technology Degree - IT InsightsOn March 29, 2013, IT executives from industry-leading companies in the Colorado Springs area descended onto the CTU campus to share insights and answer inquiries from the CTU crowd. Nearly 100 inquisitive alumni, faculty and staff minds in the room gleaned some key takeaways from what they had to share.

Go Farther with Business Education

Shared in common among these industry leaders was a business degree. They agreed that a technical degree alone may not assist you in advancing through the management ranks, and that business education helps with managing work and people in the IT field.

Operate Lean

Most leaders encouraged ‘BYOD,’ or bringing your own device to the job. Many companies are compelling workers to bring their own technology to work. This simple idea reduces capital cost creating a business that operates more lean. However, along with that comes increased risk and challenges to security and identity access management.

Make Visitors Stick

Websites now must do more to make their sites ‘sticky’ – that is, they must work to keep site visitors perusing their site longer. Gamification, creating games that add points or rewards from site content, for example, is a trend that many companies are using to do this.

Have Vision and Expertise

IT is no longer a field that only requires technicians. The field now requires experts in problem identification and solutions, strategic vision for organizations and critical ability to adapt to the quick and ever-changing field of technology.

CTU Faculty - Dr. Yanzhen QuYanzhen Qu, Ph.D. is a professor and the Department Chair of Computer Science and IT at CTU. He teaches many subjects within computer science and IT, and is also a published author in many peer-reviewed professional journals. Connect with Dr. Qu on Twitter @DrYQu.

CTU Faculty - Dr. Kristy SmithKristy D. Smith, D.M. is the Vice President of Education at CTU's Colorado campuses. She leads the academic programs on ground campuses for the state of Colorado, serves as a mentor to faculty, staff and students, and teaches in various areas in the field of management. Connect with Dr. Smith on Twitter @DrKristy08. 

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