Digital Training for Career Buoyancy

By Eric Stortz, VP of Operations at CTU

CTU Career Advice - Digital IdentityIn higher education, one of our primary missions is to prepare students for the constant challenges and opportunities they will face during their professional careers. Therefore, we have a responsibility to predict and prepare our students for significant shifts in the professional work world.

In today’s career world, most of our graduates will change not only jobs, but also industries several times during their lifetimes. One-time measurements of job placement in a field of study just months after graduation don’t adequately cover graduates’ needs any longer. With rapid technology improvements some jobs and career paths are quickly fading into the sunset and are no longer relevant.

However, many universities continue to focus almost exclusively on helping students understand their specific program discipline and learn and demonstrate skills specific to the student’s major, but don’t prepare students to navigate their careers. More universities need to embrace and deliver to students lifelong skills that they can use to navigate over the entire lifetime of their careers.

It is now even more critical that professionals know how to maintain career buoyancy so that they’re positioned to adapt to the rising tides of job changes, industry changes and jobs that become obsolete due to technology. One clear way in which graduates can maintain career buoyancy is by learning and using skills to both present themselves and interact with others digitally.

Many experts already advise on the importance of having an individual profile online in important social media forums like LinkedIn. However, experts also now advise that having a professional presence is even more important than just a static profile. Professionals must be adept at gaining greater visibility for their talents, abilities and accomplishments via their digital identity. They must become adept at interacting with others in a world that becomes more digital every day.

At Colorado Technical University, we are proud to have started a new program to give our students the opportunity to become skilled digital professionals. CTU now offers our University graduates a 6-month premium LinkedIn subscription paid for by the University. This premium LinkedIn subscription provides exciting opportunities for our graduates , including an expanded network, featured applicant designation when applying for jobs, greater visibility into who has viewed their profile online, additional search functions and additional features to organize job search efforts. In addition to this premium LinkedIn access CTU provides our graduates with specific training on how to best use LinkedIn and their premium account to maintain a digital presence and interact and engage with other professionals.

We believe this new program will allow our University to not only deliver program-specific education to our graduates, but also empower our graduates to succeed in both standing out and in connecting with a greater network of professionals, yielding more career opportunities over their lifetime.

CTU VP of Operations - Eric StortzEric Stortz brings over a decade of experience in operations and technology to his current role as Vice President of Operations at CTU. In championing the university’s efforts to adopt formal project management, he’s led highly productive meetings in which key stakeholders invest time and energy to accomplish organizational change. Eric is an avid runner, self-aware Nike fanatic, and has a current Klout score of 54. Connect with him on TwitterLinkedIn or Google+.

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Participants of the LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium account upgrade must be graduates of Colorado Technical University (CTU) at the time of account activation. CTU Alumni must have received an invitation to the subscription offer prior to activation of a Premium account. Participants will be allowed up to (and not exceeding) 60 days after the invitation is sent to complete the CTU-required training and submit an activation request in order to receive the Premium account upgrade. Participants must have an existing LinkedIn account to receive the Premium account upgrade. Participants’ existing LinkedIn profiles must be at least 50% complete in order to receive the Premium account upgrade. Participants’ subscriptions to the Premium account will be sponsored by CTU for up to 6 months, after wichi point subscribers may extend their Premium account at their own expense. The 6-month complimentary upgrade period begins the day the activation notification email is sent to the participant from LinkedIn, regardless of when the upgrade is accepted by the subscriber. CTU can revoke this offer at any time at its own discretion (e.g., due to a status change with the university, account inactivity, etc.). LinkedIn is a registered trademark of LinkedIn Corporation in the US and other countries. This marketing message and program are not endorsed by or affiliated with LinkedIn Corporation.

Image credit: Flickr/Hakan Dahlstrom