CTU Student 3D Prints Prosthetic Shell for Cleopatra the Rescue Tortoise

CTU Student 3D Prints Prosthetic Shell for Rescue Tortoise Roger Henry, Information Technology student at Colorado Technical University (CTU) in Denver, spent more than 600 hours learning how to design a prosthetic shell attachment for Cleopatra the tortoise. Cleopatra was saved by the Canyon Critters rescue, but not before her shell became significantly deteriorated due to a poor diet. Her shell was so damaged and painful, she couldn’t interact with other tortoises and she was in constant risk of getting an infection.

In stepped Roger to save the day. He happened to be attending an educational seminar for Canyon Critters where he heard the founder talk about the desire to have a shell created for Cleopatra. Roger offered to help.

Roger worked with the 3D Printing Store in Denver to design various prototypes to fit the tortoise. More than 600 hours of work later, Cleopatra had a custom-fit prosthetic secured to her with Velcro.

As a result of Roger’s efforts, CTU IT Department Chair Dr. Lanka Elson is writing a curriculum for a course where students can learn real-world applications of 3D printing.

Truly remarkable efforts by Roger, Dr. Elson, and everyone involved in helping Cleopatra have the best life…well into her 80s.

Read more about Roger and Cleopatra in The Denver Post here.