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CTU Career Advice - Job LongevityWhat If I Get Laid Off? 3 Steps to Job Longevity
"We have to let you go.” I heard these six words from a senior vice president at the Fortune 500 company where I worked for nearly 10 years. I knew it was coming. My entire department had quit or been laid off in the previous six months. Nevertheless, feelings of disappointment and panic came. Thankfully, my feelings quickly gave way to a clear realization – I needed to upgrade my skills

CTU MBA degree - Dr. Ingo BobelDriven to Profitability: Are Businesses Profiting at the Expense of Society?
Dr. Ingo Böbel recently spoke as part of the CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series. A published author and scholar, Dr. Böbel has had a profound impact on industrial organization research and shared his insight into the economic theory of creating shared value, also known as CSV. Here are a few of the key takeaways from his lecture.

CTU Information Technology Degree - IT ProfessionalHow to Thrive as an IT Professional
The Information Technology (IT) function has become increasingly important to overall decision-making and strategy implementation in businesses. That’s not surprising when you consider how technology drives competitive advantage. Innovation enables businesses to stay ahead of the competition, delivering and satisfying more customers more effectively and efficiently. Further, IT is now an important revenue generator as an increasing share of consumer sales are transacted through mobile and online channels.

CTU Career Advice - Mobile Job SearchHow to Job Search on Your Mobile Device
Today, cellphones are capable of so much more than making a call. They can even help your job search. Checking out jobs using a mobile application, emailing potential employers, updating your LinkedIn profile and conducting an interview on your mobile phone -- these are just a few of the ways cellphones have become integrated into a job search.

CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series - Managing HealthcareCTU Distinguished Lecturer Series: The Future of Managing Health Care
The CTU Distinguished Lecturer Series continued on March 28th with Ken Vance, Senior Vice President of Bank of America Merrill Lynch in their Specialized Industry Group focusing on health care. With more than 33 years in the financial and health care industries, Ken shared his insight on the future of health care management and its opportunities.

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