Personalized Learning - What can it do for you?

By Connie Johnson, Ed.D., Chief Academic Officer

CTU Academic Leadership - Personalized Learning - InnovationI recently attended the Council on Higher Education’s (CHEA) annual meeting where I listened to a presentation about private universities that primarily serve online students. One meeting attendee noted aloud that institutions similar to CTU were innovators as demonstrated by the early adoption of online learning. But the attendee further asked: What was next?

I’m delighted that CTU is at the front line piloting new technology such as personalized learning to enhance the educational experience of CTU’s students.

What is personalized learning? During the last several years, there’s been a movement to provide students in the classroom with the specific information they need through technology, rather than making students read content and sit through lectures they don’t need. Instead of working with material that’s either too advanced or not advanced enough, what if students could use material that was just right for them?

If you ask CTU’s Dean of Information Technology, Dr. Myles Vogel, he’d say that data analytics are making leaps and bounds toward knowledge needs assessment. It’s bringing us closer to technology’s ability to determine not only what knowledge is needed, but also to predict the knowledge needed for success in the online classroom. CTU is working on methods to provide exactly that in a number of classes offered in 2013. As the year progresses, our academic leaders, faculty and students will be sharing their classroom experiences with personalized learning. Stay tuned.

CTU Faculty - Connie JohnsonConnie Johnson, Ed.D., is the Chief Academic Officer/Provost working with both online and ground degree programs. Dr. Johnson is the leader of CTU Academics and Student Affairs and brings over 20 years of experience in academics. Connect with Dr. Johnson on Twitter @DrConnieJohnson.

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Image credit: Flickr/Hampton Roads Partnership