Transforming the Classroom Through Customized Learning

By Elke A. Kleisch, Ed.D., Program Chair General Education and By Tonya Troka, M.A., Program Director, General Education

CTU online degree - customized learningTechnology is driving change in many areas of our lives, from how we interact with friends to how we approach business. It’s no different in higher education. In response to changes in technology, classrooms have evolved from traditional brick-and-mortar institutions to modern-day virtual learning environments.

Undoubtedly, this evolution would not have been possible without a bit of creativity and a great deal of technological innovation. But today, the concept of online learning has become commonplace so one might wonder:

  • What’s next?
  • What might the latest evolution of educational innovation look like?
  • What if a university offered a customized plan to meet student where they are, adapting to what they already know about the concepts in a course? 
  • What if professors responded to a student’s personal academic needs? 
  • What if courses focused on the student’s unique learning plan and offered more personalized course content?

Imagine the possibilities. What would inspire you to learn and achieve your best? 

Colorado Technical University is transforming the traditional classroom by customizing the learning experience for students. In these courses, students learn about what they know, and together, with their professors, follow their individual learning paths.

In the coming weeks you will hear from students and professors who have participated in these courses and learn how their experiences have shaped this innovative approach to teaching and learning. 

It’s an exciting time for higher education and we look forward to sharing these experiences and inspiring others who will be participating in courses in the future.   

CTU Faculty - Elke KleischElke A. Kleisch, Ed.D., is program chair of general education. In this role, Dr. Kleisch manages the general education faculty team. As an adjunct for CTU, she teaches English composition courses, preparing students to be effective writers in their academic and professional careers.  She began her career as an educator by receiving her Master of Arts in Developmental Studies with a focus on Reading and Writing. She continued her studies and received her doctorate in Reading and Language. She has taught GED, ESOL, and reading and writing to students ranging from undergraduate to graduate level. Connect with Dr. Kleisch on LinkedIn.

CTU Faculty - Tonya TrokaTonya Troka, M.A. is an Ed.D. candidate and has worked for CTU in a variety of roles since 2004. She is currently the Program Director, General Education. Connect with Tonya on LinkedIn.

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Image credit: Flickr/ mikko